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Fine Art by Darlene Erdelt

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     Tracy McGrady           Avon Breast Cancer Research           Tracy McGrady     
Tracy McGrady Foundation I                                         Breast Cancer Research                                               Tracy McGrady Foundation II

Portrait Artist Statement

  Through portraiture, Darlene pursues her belief that painting communicates in a manner different than voice, text, or photography.   
  Like Alice Neel who devoted her life to capturing a personís soul regardless of economic stature,
  Darlene uses her unique ability to understand and depict what she sees.
  Through collaboration, she develops a portrait of vision with intent
  that interprets your ideas and images into a satisfaction guaranteed portrait.
  Working from your choice of style whether classical, impressionistic, or expressionistic,
  Darlene asks for a chance to capture and expand presence into an artwork.
  Each proposed artwork requires an analysis before an accurate price can be settled upon.

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